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Bring your Private Get-Together or Business Event to the next level
with Good Food & Fun

Enjoy your getaway without the hassle of logistics.

Travel light, settle in, relax and make the most of your stay in the rainbow region.

Event organisers can benefit from our Catering/party services to focus on their agenda only.

Free your mind, maximise your time with attendees and deliver a quality service by leaving the logistics to us.

So, what can we do for you?

Jerrapark Hideaway offers Luxury Farmstays as well as a range of services for your group: breakfast and dinner Catering, Drop Off and Pick Up as well as Party services. We aim to take the pressure off you.


Seminars, clinics and retreats organisers may choose the dinner meal to be fully catered which maximises attention to the daily agenda.

Our chef can provide a wide range of Asian-focused dishes with vegan and vegetarian dishes also a specialty.

Perhaps start with a chopped salad from local farms with a feta dressing with marjoram and mint…or Asian dumplings or Spring rolls bathed in a spicy soy and chilli sauce. Then move on to Sumatran Lamb curry with green beans and okra swimming in a sauce of tamarind and coconut.

We can also provide a sushi banquet from local suppliers…brought in fresh for the event.

Seasonal menu with prices on request.

Our guests have the opportunity for a full continental buffet breakfast to be fully catered.

Our local chef will take over the kitchen and provide anything from a stripped down café-style menu of scrambled, poached eggs, porridge, sourdough bread to something more exotic.

Tempt your taste buds with ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter, breakfast burritos filled with spicy sausage, smoky scrambled eggs cheese and a fresh avocado-tomato salsa,

Coconut chilli eggs with dahl or French crepes with cream and local seasonal berries.

Cost: $25 per person

Vegan and vegetarian alternatives available. Please, enquire in advance.

Prices available on request.

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Dinner Catering

Drop Off & Pick Up

There are many places running private events around here. If you need to attend a festive event, want to enjoy the fun without worrying of the driving, especially at night, we can arrange a Drop Off and Pick Up time for an extra fee that depends on time and location.

Drop off Pickup
Jerrapark offers basic continental breakfast with your booking. If you wish for something more elaborated for your group during a retreat, we can arrange this for you

A fully catered continental buffet breakfast ready and nicely presented for your guests to start the day

Dj and Sound System hire can be arranged at Jerrapark as an extra service for your private celebration or you special event

Feel like dancing?

We have all the equipment for a bit of music on the dance floor

Dinner Catering is certainly not to be missed to enjoy your time together and relax. Event organizers will find it really helpful to stick smoothly to the daily agenda

Asian Style Food with Gluten Free & Vegan Options

Bring your party to the next level with Lights and fumes effects at Jerrapark. We can arrange this for you for your private celebration.

Bring a festive feel to your party with lights and even fumes!

Those attending a wedding close by in the Nimbin surroundings  can benefit for drop off and pick up services so that they can enjoy their festive time without worrying the driving.

Have to attend a festive event close-by and want to enjoy it without worrying driving

End of corporate event or private celebration? Have fun with a fancy dress party at Jerrapark

End of corporate event or private celebration? Have fun with a fancy dress party.


DJ & Sound System

Jerrapark can cater for all of your music and sound requirements.

We have the equipment that ranges from a small function set up for a seminar or a retreat to a major let-your-hair down fancy dress soiree.


Small Size Event from $400:

For a small seminar or retreat all you may require is a dedicated mixing deck linked to two 100 watt speakers on stands with one or two microphones for presenters. These can be hand held or headset wireless models for ease of operation and movement.

Lighting can add to the mood with stylish colour wash across the facility.


Medium Size Event from $650:


Stepping up to medium size event or party with a DJ to curate the music. Now we move to perhaps a 1000 watts of power with two 500 watt speakers on stands and a sub woofer for a booming bottom end.

The DJ can access hundreds of tunes from a dedicated one-touch screen choosing just the right song to get the guests up and dancing. Lighting can come from laser mirror balls, computer controlled mood lighting or pre-programmed follow spots. Various effects on request.


Wedding or Fancy Dress Themed party from $800:


Here we have all the bells and whistles to set the mood for a fantastic night. Laser mirror balls, smoke machine…UV Black Lights and specialised Laser lighting outside of the carriages.

Add two 1000 watt speakers, sub woofer and a talented DJ and you have the alchemy to transform a good party into a great party.

DJ & Sound System



A wide array of lighting is available to set the mood for your special event. Gantries and transoms can be set up in the high roof space so any number of lights can be installed and controlled by computer from a single desk.

All lighting is double tethered for the safety of participants.

We can off er anything from a small number of lights to enhance the mood all the way to an extravaganza.

At previous parties and events, we have used computerised follow spots with a myriad of different effects…disco balls activated by laser…lights that change to ambient music, strobes, black lights for UV parties…then add smoke machines and also laser art displays. These can be projected out into the exterior of the facility providing a dreamy avant garde ambience when guests arrive…

Let’s talk and we will go above and beyond to make your event a raging success.


Fancy Dress

When it’s time to party, laughter precedes every emotion. The ridiculousness of embodying a new persona and being able to just let go for a little while always brings out those endorphins. People you thought you knew and recognised all of a sudden need a second look because their mannerisms don’t match the pre conceived box we had placed them in. Just getting to the event is hilarious, with double takes from onlookers and the sheer courage needed to push past the comfort zone and be someone we are usually not…emotions run high…

There are some distinct benefits of fancy dress parties…

  • Facilitates pre party communication

  • Brings out people’s creative side

  • Allows the inner child to come out

  • Sparks up conversations on the night…with people you may not normally talk to

  • Encourages moments for bonding

  • Creates fabulous photos

  • There are always memories of the night that link you forever

  • Fills the dance floor…guaranteed! (Provided you have a good DJ!)


If you are having an event at Jerrapark, consider Fancy Dress. We have access to a busload of dress-ups from a local collector of weird and wonderful clothes and hats or guests can source their own.

Fancy Dress
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