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Our story

Hi, we are Chris and Christine. We are very often asked the following question: "So what was it that drew us up here into the belly of the primordial caldera?"

Well, it’s never just one thing. The frantic hustle and bustle of Sydney life, the daily grid-lock. We wanted a more sustainable way of living, enough land to grow our own food, some fruit trees, the possibility of having a couple of horses, Christne’s life long dream…


The first time we came up to the Northern Rivers to look for a property we had a aha moment…The charming village of Nimbin, and the beauty of the Caldera with the mysterious Mount Warning as a culminating summit…the amazing spiritual energy of the place sealed any rational discussions about the pros and cons of leaving the city.


Chris and christine, owners of Jerrapark, Northern Rivers Region. Enjoy our unique train carriages accommodations
Jerrapark Train Carriages accommodate 8 persons in a de luxe refurbished space.

Then we found Jerrapark, a permaculture farm nestled between a national park and a state forest, totally swamped by lantana, of which we’d never heard before, and taken over by various other weeds.

The previous owner had bought open pasture that had been running cattle about 25 years ago…and set about planting about 40,000 trees, recreating a luxuriant nature. Woofers ( Willing Workers on Organic Farms ) coming from around the world were housed in the then 1930’s weather dilapidated railway carriages, the very same ones set to become Jerrapark Hideaway, after more than 2 years of renovation. 

Jerrapark can host Horse clinics in the northern Rivers
Jerrapark is a farm with rainforest and orchard.
Jerrapark is a permaculture farm in the rainbow Region of NSW, close to Nimbin. We host gatherings all year round.

Jerrapark is a permaculture farm whose purpose is to holistically renew the connection with nature and cosmic energy.

Jerrapark offers a chance to totally de-stress…


With lots of hard work, Jerrapark has become a beautiful haven we are happy to share with you and we have never looked back. 

Please, enjoy the serenity of the place to relax, celebrate and reconnect.

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